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Evan Barton

Dairy Consultant/Partner



“Nathan and I Started Barton Kiefer dairy consulting nearly two decades ago with these goals in mind... Provide cutting edge diet formulation and progressive herd management advice. We also wanted to separate nutrition advice from feed manufacturing and create a bidding process to drive down costs for our clients.” 

What separates our consulting group from other nutritionists is our diversity. We feed cows from the northern parts of the country like Michigan and Wisconsin with the very best forage quality to some of the poorest forages and heat stress in the southeast. We have been able to formulate diets with success in both scenarios. Also, in terms of diversity we find that competing nutritionists in a local area all do nearly exact same thing and get very similar results. We are different. We have competed with hundreds of nutritionists in dozens of states and learn something every time. Our diet recommendations are a compilation of ideas from all these experiences. And therefore, we do bring a new approach and new ideas to our clients.

Evan keeps profit for their clients as the main focus of the business. “We don’t want to spend a lot of money on expensive ingredients or additives to get that last pound of milk and lose money in the process. Every diet decision I make, I always weigh the impact on feed cost per hundred weight” 

For Evan, being a nutrition consultant is a passion, “Feeding dairy cows is what I think about all day long. How can we get more milk, how can we save costs? When I am able to help a new client that was struggling with production or struggling financially, improve performance to the point where the banker is pleased and they are making money and smiling again…, That’s a lot of fun to be able to help people like that.”

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