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Flavio Bitencourt

Multilingual Training Specialist/ Record Analysis



Flavio Bitencourt joined the Barton Kiefer team in April 2020. A veterinarian by trade, he gained his education in Brazil and has carried his skill throughout a career in dairy. From veterinary work to managing a dairy operation, Flavio brings a rich background of experience to the Barton Kiefer team.

From Florida to Wisconsin, and all the way to Kansas, Flavio fulfills a support role to Barton Kiefer clients and their staff. Being multi-lingual, he is able to train a diverse range of employees on the farms that he works with. 

“At Barton Kiefer, it is a matter of trying to help the customer and give them solutions,” Flavio shares. “A lot of people can come in and point out a problem, but the challenge is how to provide a solution so they can fix it. Farmers already know their problems, they want to find the solutions that will help them improve.” 

Finding those solutions is made more possible by the expertise and diverse specialties represented on the Barton Kiefer team. The ability to exchange ideas and tap into the rich range of experiences Barton Kiefer consultants attain is priceless, and allows their team to offer a service marked by expertise and knowledge. 

“I like doing different things everyday: Meeting different customers, going to new places, seeing new challenges and helping people,” Flavio shares regarding his role at Barton Kiefer. “It is very rewarding to see a situation, work through, give new ideas, and then to see positive results. That is very rewarding.”

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