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Julia Stammen

Dairy Consultant



After completing her degree, in 2012 Julia Stammen combined her background in economics with her love for the farm, bringing a unique perspective to the Barton Kiefer team. She currently serves farms throughout Northwest Ohio and into Indiana, regularly analyzing forages, assessing feed nutrients, establishing goals and plans with farmers, and walking the cows. 

“With Barton Kiefer, it’s about the farmers and their operations,” Julia explains. “In addition to doing the nutrition work, we take an interest in them and their operation, and we try to help them in whatever way we can.” 

The Barton Kiefer team brings their expertise to many different states, and their varied experiences are a great asset in providing good nutrition to the animals. “Nutrition is an ever-changing industry. You can’t find a particular way to feed cows and expect it to work for the next 20 years. You have to always be researching and experimenting,” says Julia. In addition to pulling information from professors and researchers, the Barton Kiefer team looks to the experiences of each other to make the best decisions for their farmers. “Having so many contacts to lean on helps us always find a solution.” 

The Barton Kiefer team is not one to say it works on paper, but utilizes dedication and passion when approaching a problem, often testing new ideas on their personal farms before rolling a new solution out to their farmers. 

“It is extremely satisfying to step onto a farm, analyze the operation, work with the dairymen to come up with a plan, see that plan executed and then witness the positives and great results that come,” says Julia. “Several of my clients go back to the fourth generation, so it is inspiring and gratifying to be able to consult and lead that next generation into the future.”

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