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Zach Stammen

Dairy Consultant



Growing up on a small dairy farm in Western Ohio, Zach Stammen says he has always been a cow guy. With most of his family engaged in the dairy industry, Zach followed suit and gained a degree from Ohio State University in Animal Science with a Dairy Science focus. 

After a brief stint at a feed mill, Zach felt confirmed in his desire to become a dairy consultant. “I have always liked working with both the animals and management decisions, so this is a way that I get to do that with a lot of farms,” Zach explains. 

Working as a part of the Barton Kiefer Dairy Consultant team since 2006, he currently assists dairy farms throughout Western Ohio and Eastern Indiana with every aspect of dairy farming, from replacement animals to milk markets. “We provide help with every aspect of a farm, above and beyond nutrition,” Zach says. “That is what really sets us apart.” 

Barton Kiefer Dairy Consultants work hard to stay on the cutting edge of all that they do. “We are aggressive in trying to find the best deals for our clients, and always try to stay one step ahead of everybody else,” Zach says. 

Zach enjoys taking farms to the next level. “From financials to production to what-ever it might be, I shoot for growth in every aspect,” he explains. “Some farms want to get bigger, so I like to help them grow. Some don’t want to grow in size, so we try to increase profitability as much as we can. Whether growth comes through production or different ways of feeding, nothing is out of reach.”

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